Disinfecting and Antimicrobial Protection for Public Spaces

Every facility, whether it’s an office environment, retail space, industrial factory, or public/civic building, needs careful cleaning and sanitizing on a regular basis for the common good. Now more than ever, people are becoming more aware of the risk they face when venturing outside their homes to interact with others. With the use EPA-registered chemicals and recommended protocols, however, people entering or working in your facility can have peace of mind that all steps are being taken to keep their exposure to harmful pathogens and viruses at a minimum. Predator Restoration has extensive training and experience in top-quality sanitizing and disinfecting services for commercial spaces, utilizing the best equipment, chemicals, and protocols available.


EPA-Registered Disinfectants on the “N List


30-Day Surface Antimicrobial Protection with CoverShield


ATP Testing to Evaluate Cleanliness Before and After


One-Time or Scheduled Cleaning

EPA-Registered Disinfectants

The nation’s regulatory body has identified our preferred disinfectant, Selectrocide, as effective against pathogens like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Long-Term Antimicrobial Protection

CoverShield antimicrobial surface treatment kills viruses and bacteria on contact, around-the-clock, for up to 30 days for on-going protection for high-touch surfaces.

Sanitizing Service Contracts

A “one-time clean” won’t give your staff or guests the same peace of mind as regularly scheduled disinfecting and sanitizing. Call today to discuss your options.

We perform Bio-Load Tests using an ATP Meter Swab with an electronic luminometer to ascertain pre-service and post-service levels on bacteria on surfaces to ensure that the cleaning protocol we performed was measurably effective. Predator Restoration uses the most advanced equipment on the market today, including electrostatic spayers, to apply the disinfectants for more complete coverage of surfaces and complex objects.


Electrostatic spray technology works by electrically charging the droplets of disinfectant as they leave the spray nozzle. Those charged droplets actually repel each other and actively seek surfaces, creating a “wrapping” effect that disperses the disinfectant around objects and deep into hard-to-reach crevices in a way that traditional sprayers can’t.


Turning Your Carpets Into a Microbe-Killing Machine

CoverShield application is approved for both hard and soft surfaces, making it appropriate for carpets as well as hard floors. When applied to carpets, this silane quat-based formulation creates a barrier against microbes that will actually penetrate the microbes’ cell membranes, essentially killing them on contact. This microscopically thin barrier is not detectable by touch or sight, but the same Bio-Load tests used for hard surfaces provide the same reassurance for its effectiveness on carpets as well.


My Carpet Smells Musty. Can It Be Salvaged?

Very often, mold-infested carpets cannot be adequately cleaned of mold. The mold microorganisms eat away at materials, causing catastrophic, irreversible damage. Our team will work to salvage what areas of carpet can be salvaged on a case by case basis, but for anything under the floor – like the padding and underlayment – more often than not, that will need to be removed and replaced. 


Houston-area businesses demand the most skilled, experienced, and effective sanitizing and disinfecting services, and Predator Restoration has proudly filled that role.


Large Retail Spaces


Corporate Offices


Industrial Facilities


High-Rise or Multi-Story Hotels/Condos


Government or Civic Buildings